Before the week ends last April 5, 2019, UPRIIS Acting Department Manager Engr. Rosalinda B. Bote assured good phase of the ongoing construction of projects in Bulacan and Pampanga service areas covered by Division IV. Along with Department Manager Bote were Engineering Section Chief Engr. Vivencia C. Dela Cruz and her staff, Division IV Manager Engr. Leonardo F. Ramos, and O&M Chief Engr. Rogelio C. Macatula.

Subject for inspection were the construction of slope protection (gabions) at Ilog Bulo located in San Miguel, Bulacan, concrete lining of lateral CX-3 with length of 563m located in San Ildefonso, Bulacan and lateral CX-10 with length of 1093m located in Candaba, Pampanga.

According to Department Manager Bote, the harvest season must be utilized wherein water delivery cut-off dates allow the construction to move faster and easier, targeting to complete the timeline of 2018 project implementation by 2nd quarter of the current year. Moreover, she instructed the contractors and the implementing office concerned, to fast track the completion of the projects and polish the findings of the inspection prior to the turnover to IA recipients. She also reminded the project in charge to closely monitor the construction activity and to always check the authenticity of the implementation based on design specification.

During the inspection, Department Manager Bote had a chance to talk with the IA President, considered as the project end user. The president took the opportunity to express his gratitude to the management for lining their canals. According to him, the project will increase canal efficiency and guarantees satisfaction to its beneficiaries.